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When it comes to your family and your future, you deserve the best legal support possible. Trust a dedicated and compassionate attorney to guide you toward your desired outcome. Whether you’re faced with a child custody dispute or an issue of child support, I am prepared to help.

In cases involving children—such as custody battles or support modifications—you want to protect your family while also seeking to ensure you receive a fair result. My job is to listen to your needs and strategize the best path forward.

It can be hard to deal with family issues, especially when the law needs to get involved. At Weddle Law Office, PLLC, I offer legal support on multiple issues surrounding family law. I’m ready to listen to your situation and work with all parties to find a solution.

Let me take on your case. From my office in Harrodsburg, Kentucky, I represent families and individuals throughout the area. Contact me when your family needs legal guidance in Danville, Versailles, Nicholasville, or Lawrenceburg.

Legal Strategies That Put Your Family First

Every family I work with comes to me with a unique set of circumstances. There is no one-size-fits-all solution that can guarantee your success, which is why I encourage open communication with each of my clients.

As your attorney, I’ll listen patiently as you detail your family’s situation and ideal result. I’ll work with you to outline a plan of action with your goals in mind. You can be as involved as you want to be throughout the process, whether you prefer me to take the lead or collaborate as partners.

You don’t have to face your legal issues alone. Get in touch with a Harrodsburg attorney ready to help your family seek a brighter future.



Cases I Represent

Family law encompasses a broad range of issues. Reach out to me when you need help splitting up your finances during a divorce, designing a parenting plan, or resolving a child custody dispute. Whatever it is you’re facing, I want to help you pursue an outcome that benefits you and your loved ones.

Child Custody Disputes

Going through a divorce is tough enough without the added stress of a custody battle. At Weddle Law Office, PLLC, my job is to be your advocate as you fight for your parental rights. Let’s go over your options together. Your custody battle could potentially be resolved through mediation, which involves a third party meeting with you and your spouse. It could also lead to a child custody hearing. I’m in the courtroom weekly, giving me the skills to argue fiercely on your behalf. Whatever path you need to pursue to protect your child, I’ll be by your side from start to finish.

Child Support Agreements

Issues of child support can be complicated. Whether you and your child’s other parent disagree on a fair arrangement or they are not complying with one already in place, an attorney can help you pursue the outcome you need. Your child deserves every opportunity to succeed, and that typically requires a sense of financial security. Start working toward their better future—and yours—by reaching out to me in Harrodsburg, Kentucky.

Why Hire a Family Law Attorney?

Because cases of family law are so emotionally charged, an unbiased third party, like an attorney, may help you gain a sense of clarity and rationale. A skilled lawyer can also take you step by step through the legal process and address any questions you may have along the way. When the future of your family is in question, you deserve every opportunity to protect it. Discover how an attorney can help you do so by contacting me at Weddle Law Office, PLLC. I fight for families throughout Kentucky, including those in Harrodsburg, Danville, Versailles, Nicholasville, and Lawrenceburg.


Any major change to your family’s structure is bound to be overwhelming. At Weddle Law Office, PLLC, I want to help put your worries at ease. Get started today by reaching out to my office in Harrodsburg, Kentucky. I’m ready to seek a solution to your child custody dispute, child support arrangement, or any other problem your family may be facing.