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As Good as It Gets

I've needed an attorney several times in my life, primarily for business and sometimes as a plaintiff. I know that Nolan is absolutely one of the best. For business, litigation, or personal, I highly recommend Nolan. He's as good as it gets. I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone. He's a good listener, and picks up on things very quickly, and aggressive when he feels it's in his clients best interest. He's top notch and way ahead of the pack. A lawyer with honesty and integrity. That's hard to find these days. You can't go wrong with using Nolan Weddle.

-Mike Childers

Made the Whole Process Painless

Having a need for a lawyer is usually an intense and stressful situation. However, Nolan made the whole process practically painless. He was extremely attentive to our needs, always punctual, and very thorough explaining the details of our case. I couldn't imagine using another lawyer in the future. Completely satisfied and thankful for his service.

-Randall Jones

An Attorney with High Ethics

If you're looking for an attorney who is first, and foremost, just a really good person, and secondly, an attorney with high ethics, Nolan Weddle's name needs to be in any serious discussion for services. What I really like about Nolan is that he does a great job of deescalating spousal wars during the toughest times of divorce. When tensions are high he responds at the right moment, to both his clients and opposing counsel, in such a way that the court system can see a clear picture and best be able to derive an outcome beneficial to both parties. I do admit that at times I felt Nolan could have been more aggressive, other times it felt like I wasn't stating my case clearly enough, but the reality is that most of the time our perspectives are tainted with our own bitterness and opinions formed of personal experience with the other party, and not necessarily supported with the big picture in mind. That's where a good attorney comes in, someone who can bridge the gap between supporting the law and giving a layman peace of mind. My advice is to give Nolan a call, listen to what he has to say.

-Tom Whalen

Would Absolutely Recommend

Very professional gentlemen would absolutely recommend to anyone looking for a lawyer and very good hearted person that takes time and compassion for his clients. Thanks again for all you did for me.

-Andy Feeback